Johnson Novelties -  Concentrated Scented Oils, Wax Beads, Warmers, & Plug In's..
  We are at the "American Legion Flea Market"  2101 Taylor Rd., Punta Gorda.
It will just be on Sat. from 8 Am to 2, & Sun. from 
8 Am to 12 Noon  !!

IF you should need something, and it can't wait PLEASE DO CALL us!! 941-456-3278  
       We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular, and new products are shown below. You will also find many that have been discounted below!!
       These Lights / Warmers make beautiful Gifts for any occasion for that special person in your life. Whether it be a Mother, Wife, Husband, Children, Sister, Brother, Friend, or In Laws they will enjoy them an the great scent. We now carry over 219 different style, & colors, and 75 of them are here for you to view. You really need to see them in person to appreciate! Do check back for any new styles we can find!! 
We ship the cheapest, and safest way possible to save our customers money usually by FedEx (whom now has "If it fits it Ships"). Unless it is just one or two (1 - 2) bottles of Oil, and or Bulbs then they go through the post office. If you are ordering from out of the United States all money orders have to be in US curacy.
To save postage if you are in the Charlotte, Lee County area, and can make it to the American Legion Flea Market 2101 Taylor Rd. Punta Gorda. Send us an E Mail with your name, phone number, number of the product with the color, and the date that you will pick it up. This way we will be sure to have it with us as we can't carry all styles, or colors all the time. Thank you for shopping with us!!
If you should have a problem with a Warmer, or Plug In DON'T  touch it to try an fix it. Do contact us, and bring it back. If it is a defective light we will take care of it... UNLESS it has been tampered with, there has been wax, oils, or any thing spilled in it then that is NOT the light, or our fault.
Regular prices are as follows:
Replacement Bulbs either size: $2.00 ea.
Replacement Dish & Cylinder $3.00 ea.
Plug In & Warmers:
Plug In Night Lights: $15.00 UNLESS they are DISCOUNTED!!
Small Warmers: $16.00 have been DISCOUNTED to $12.00
3 & 5 Mirror Warmers: $18.00
Small Touch Warmers: $18.00
New Touch Ceramic Warmer: $20.00
Touch with LED'S & Resin Warmers: $21.00!!  
We do have some Plug In, Small Warmers, Small Touch Warmers, Some 5 Mirror Warmers, & Some Resin Warmers at discount price. So do check them out, and take advantage of these Specials. The price will be marked down from $15.00 - $21.00 to $10.00 - $18.00 each. If it is discounted it WILL NOT be reordered so when they are gone there gone!!           
We do except Credit / Debit Cards at our shows, any phone, or
 E Mail orders to make it easier on our customers: 
We started the 18th of March 2011 with just one (1) table at the History Park Farmers Market in Punta Gorda, Fl. Then about May 2011 we had to add the 2nd table.
In our 4 yrs. we have gone from 1 table to now 3 tables. An also a new scent line!! They are Concentrated Scented Oils we have 157 varieties to choose from! The largest supply will be 1/2 oz...
Then we have Wax Beads in 20 different Scents.
2015 This is our NEW home at the American Legion Flea Market 2101 Taylor Rd. Punta Gorda.. We are in the "D" row at this market.. We are in the process of more improvement.. This was the best move for us so you our customers don't have to drive a long distance to find us.. We love it here thanks to our customers!
We do except Credit / Debit Cards at our shows, any phone, or
E Mail orders to make it easier on our customers:

Halogen Bulbs
Don't go to the hardware store to get your replacement bulbs as you will pay $6.00 to $9.00 each. We carry them in 2 sizes for $2.00 ea. If you bring the old one with you then we can make sure that we get you the right size. We also have the screw in bulbs for the ceramic plug in. Just a regular Night Light Bulb is not hot enough for our lights.
Price: $2.00
Replacement Dish
We have Replacement Dish for the Warmers, and Plug In's. $3.00 ea. in both size. Large dish for Warmer.. Small dish for the plug in's.
Price: $3.00
Large Dish Color Options for Warmers:
Small Dish Color Option for Plug In:
If you would like to change the color of your 5 Mirror Warmers you can do so by just changing the cylinder, and Dish. Order # A 11. $3.00 each piece.
Price: $3.00
Painted Cylinder 5 Mirror Warmers::
Painted Cylinder Resin Warmers::
Glass Metellic Plug In (NEW)
Glass Meellic Plug In with Dimmer.About 5 " tall. Order # E 790
Price: $15.00
Glass White Plug In (NEW)
Glass White with Black Paws for all you pooch / kitty lovers out there. Order # E 788
Price: $15.00
5 Mirror Etched Colored Dolphin Warmer
New 5 Mirror Warmer that we just got in!! Kissing Dolphins, and are Etched an in color. Order # 297
Price: $18.00
5 Mirror Landing Eagle Warmer
Landing Eagle has dimmer in cord that lets you use it for a night light. $18.00 ea. Order # E 264
Price: $18.00
2 Hummingbirds 5 Mirror Warmer
This warmer has 2 Hummingbirds getting Nector from a flower. $18.00 ea. Order # M 899
Price: $18.00
3 Sided 2 Facing Dolphin Warmer
This beautiful Dolphin Warmer has 2 Dolphins on 3 sides that look like they are going to kiss. So no matter which way you turn it you get to see them. Has dimmer in cord. They are about 5 to 6" tall, and about 5 " at the base. $18.00 ea. Order # EF 862
Price: $18.00
2 Birds on Branch Warmer
Two little birds setting on a branch with light behind them. I left the light off to show up the birds. $18.00 ea. Order # E - 261
Price: $18.00
3 Sided 6 Dolphins Warmer
If you are just into Dolphins then this beauty is for you. It is a 3 Sided Warmer with 6 Dolphins total. $18.00 ea. Order # M 853
Price: $18.00
Palm Tree 5 Mirror Warmer
Like Palm Trees? Well you can have them, and don't have to care for them. This type warmers the cylinder can be changed to an orange for a "Sun Set affect" $18.00 ea. Order # E 265 For the extra Cylinders, and Dish you will find them above.
Price: $18.00
Lighthouse & Dolphin 5 Mirror Warmer
5 Mirrors to show off the beautiful colors in this Warmer. If you love the beauty of a Sun Set then just change the cylinder to Orange, and you have that Sun Set. $18.00. Order # E 251
Price: $18.00
5 Mirror Angel Warmer
5 Mirror Angel has dimmer in cord. Also has Gold on her wings. She has a Halo over her head, and her hands are together. $18.00 ea. Order # E 104 (WE JUST HAVE ONE LEFT)
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Praying Hands 5 Mirror Warmer
The Praying Hands are Etched in the Glass in front of the mirror. Stands about 6" high with a 5" mirror base. $18.00 ea. Order # M 2102
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Cross / Gold Tips 5 Mirror Warmer
This beautiful 5 Mirror Warmer comes with a Cross tipped in Gold. Has a Dimmer in the cord to control the light. These Dishes, and Cylinders can be changed to another color for different look on all the 5 Mirror Warmers. $18.00 ea. Order # E- 258 (Have one Left)
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Butterfly 5 Mirror Warmer
Another beautiful 5 Mirror Warmer with a flower, and butterfly. Have to see to appreciate. (In all of our 3 & 5 mirror warmers you can add, or change the cylinder, and dish to give it a totally different look.) They all are 6" high & 5" mirror base. $18.00 ea. Order # E - 262
Price: $18.00
3 Sided Dolphins & Lighthouse
This 3 sided Warmer has Dolphins, and a Lighthouse on all 3 sides. So no mater how you turn in you see the beauty of it. 6" high & 5" mirror base. $18.00 ea. Order # E - 116
Price: $18.00
Snow People 5 Mirror Warmer
Christmas is coming so why not get ready now before the rush. A Snow Couple Warmer has 5 Mirrors so you get the beautiful effect of the light. The cylinders, and dish can be changed to different colors that will give you a totally different look. 6" high & 5" mirror at bottom. $18.00 ea. Order # E 203
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Kissing Couple 5 Mirror Warmer
Kissing Couple Warmer comes with dimmer in the cord so it can be used as a night light. Cylinders / Dish can be changed to different colors to give you a different look. 6" high & 5" mirror base. $18.00 ea. Order # E 202
Price: $18.00 $15.00
3 Sided Raindeer Warmer
A 3 sided warmer with a Raindeer on one side. These cylinders, and dish can be changed to a different color to get an all together different look. 6" high & 5" mirror at bottom. $18.00 ea. Order # E 103
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Cupid 5 Mirror Warmer
These are good for any Christmas Gift. The cylinder, and dish can be changed to give it a different color effect in the 5 mirrors 6" high & 5" mirror at bottom. $18.00 ea. Order # E 204
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Ceramic Touch Warmer (NEW)
Ceramic Touch Warmer has Flowers & Vines all around it. Also has open work for the light to show through. EL 98350
Price: $20.00
Touch Sectioned Like Cut Glass (NEW)
This Warmer is a Touch and looks like it is cut in sections. Order # EL 98194
Price: $18.00
Touch Square Cut Glass (NEW)
Indented affect, but it is Square. About 5" tall Touch Warmer. Inside non removeable Cylinder is Purple.. Order # EL 98168
Price: $18.00
Multy Color Touch Warmer (NEW)
This little warmer looks like it has color marbles around it. EL 13832
Price: $18.00
Also comes in Solid Color otherwise it looks the same!:
Crystal Touch Warmer (NEW)
Touch Warmer has a cylinder in the center to give it the color effect. Order # EL 98108
Price: $18.00
Crystal Cut Touch (NEW)
Crystal Cut Ovals, & Bead like in between the Ovals. Cylinder like over the bulb to give the color. This one is Purple. Order # EL 98342
Price: $18.00
Rain Drop like Touch Warmer
This Touch warmer looks like it has rain drops on it. Order # EL 51005 Blue
Price: $18.00
Touch Tall Cut Glass Warmer (NEW)
About 5" tall Cut Glass Touch Warmer. Clear so it will go with any decor sceam. EL 98116
Price: $18.00
Spiral Touch Warmer
Spiral like design Touch Warmer can also be used as a Night Light. It comes in Blue order # EL 13990
Price: $18.00
Flower Touch Warmer
Flower Touch Warmer. Colors in it are Blue, Pink, and Purple a must see. Order # OA 432 $21.00 ea. We do have 1 that is Green on the tips of the bottom patels, but does have the Blue on the bottom of the Flower. 8" high & 5" bottom. Order # LE 403 $21.00 ea.
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Multi Touch Warmer
Another Touch Warmer that does not have the LED's. Some people can not stand to see the lights running all the time so this one is for you. 8" high & 4" bottom. $18.00 ea. Order # TE 412
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Silver Warmer with Snow Flakes all around
Miss the snow from up north well you can have it here in Fl. with this beautiful Silver Touch Warmer. $16.00 Order # TE - 56 (One Left)
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Touch Warmer with LED around bottom
This Beauty has LED's around the bottom, and is a Touch Light Warmer. Have to see to appreciate. They are $21.00 ea. Order # LE - 06
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Hanging Tear Drops Glass Warmer
Hanging Icicles like with a Tear Drop behind that looks different colors when lit. It is about 8 to 10" tall. $21.00 ea. Order # TE 73
Price: $21.00 $18.00
6 Dolphins & 2 Fish Resin Warmer
Resin Warmer has 2 Fish, 6 Dolphins, & Coral. About 8" tall, and 5" at the base. Comes with a 5' cord, and Dimmer. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 7020
Price: $21.00
Standing Horse Resin Warme
We just have 1 Brown Horse left. It is 8" high, 5" at the bottom. Order # 7007
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Wolf & Baby Resin Warmer
This beautiful Wolf & Baby is about 8" tall, 5" at bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # EP 113
Price: $21.00
Lion Resin Warmer
For a while we will be able to get Lion Resin Warmer. This one has 2 Cubs with it. 8" X 5" $21.00 ea. Order # LE 97
Price: $21.00 $18.00
3 Monkey's Resin Warmer
Hear no Evil, Speek no Evil, See no Evil. This would be good for a childs room, and also give them a Night Light as it has a dimmer in the cord. It is about 10" high. $21.00 ea. Order # M 8068
Price: $21.00
Resting Turtle Resin Warmer
A resting Turtle wth Babies will light up a enclosed lani, screen room, or any other room in your house. It is about 10" high. $21.00 ea Order # M 8031
Price: $21.00
Horse Saddle Resin Warmer
I was able to find them so they are back for now. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 771
Price: $21.00 $18.00
Old Hillbilly Resin Warmer
This old Hillbilly is relaxing on a stump with his Jug, or just maybe he has passed out from all that good moonshine. 8" high & 5" bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 773
Price: $21.00 $18.00
Baker Chef Resin Warmer
The old Baker Chef anyone? He is about 8" in high not sure about the base. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 7016
Price: $21.00 $18.00
Pig Farm Resin Warmer
This beauty has a Cat, Rooster, & a Pig on this Warmer. Dimmer in cord to control light. 8" high & 5" at bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 767
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Panda Resin Warmer
3 Pandas around this beautiful resin warmer. Don't know how long we will be able to get them so if you would like it be sure and get your order in. 6" X 5" $18.00 ea. Order # LE 96
Price: $18.00 $13.00
Fall Harvest Resin Warmer
Fall Harvest Design made of Resin Dimmer in cord for light control. 8" high & 5" at bottom. $18.00 ea. Order # OA 786
Price: $18.00 $15.00
Angel Resin Warmer
Resin warmer this little piece would look good in any bedroom, livingroom, or actually anywhere in your home. 8" high & 5" bottom. Order # OA 769
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Elephant Head, Mom & Baby Resin Warmer
Male Head with the Mom, & her Baby at the bottom in front. They are beautiful if you like the wild, or even if you don't! 8" high & 5" bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 7014
Price: $21.00 $18.00
Red Barn Resin Warmer
Red Barn Warmer is an asset to any lani or den. 8" high & 5" bottom. They are $21.00 ea. Order # OA 768
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Western Resin Warmer
Resin Western Design has a Skull, Hat, & Boots. 8" high & 5" bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # M 8082
Price: $21.00 $15.00
Resin Bass Warmer
If you would like a Bass on your wall well it will also look good on a table, or counter in a den. Just maybe you would like it on your Lani here in Florida, or an inclosed room up north. 8" high & 5" bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 7013
Price: $21.00 $18.00
Rooster Resin Warmer
For the country gal, or have a friend that is, and a collector of Chickens they would love this Warmer. 8" high & 5" bottom. $21.00 ea. Order # OA 7010
Price: $21.00 $18.00
NEW Red Hearts on Top Warmer
This little warmer has red hearts all around the top. Comes with Dimmer for scent, and light control. $12.00 Order # ES 236 (Out of Stock at this time.)
Price: $12.00
NEW Yellow Frosted Warmer
This Yellow is Frosted on the inside has a Dimmer in the cord. $12.00 Order # ES 233 Yellow (Out of Stock at this time)
Price: $12.00
Square Decending Cut Glass Warmer
This beauty comes in 2 colors of Red, & Black. sets on a reflecting Mirror. 5" tall & 3" bottom. Order # OA 621 Black & Red they are $12.00 ea.
Price: $16.00 $12.00
NEW Frosted White Warmer
Glass Frosted White Warmer has Dimmer in the cord. $12.00 Order # ES 233 (Out of Stock at this time)
Price: $12.00
Square Frosted Warmer
Cut glass square frosted warmer. (This warmer takes the small bulb.) Red. Order # D 462 F 11
Price: $16.00 $12.00
Large White Ball, And Stars Warmer
The large ball is solid no design, and the small silver ball has Stars all around that the light shows through. Has Dimmer on base. 8" high & 5" bottom. Order # E - 821.
Price: $16.00 $12.00
4 Hearts around Top & Bottom
Warmer has Hearts around top, and bottom. Red Order # C 309
Price: $16.00 $12.00
4 Hearts around Top and Bottom:
Tie Die Tear Drop Warmer
This Tie Die Warmer comes with dimmer in cord for light control, and a cup in the top. They come in Orange, Purple, Green, Blue & Red. 8" tall 5" bottom. $12.00 ea. Orange # OA 319
Price: $16.00 $12.00
Tie Die Tear Drop Warmer:
Lady Slipper Warmer
This is a Pewter Lady Slipper comes with Dimmer in cord. Discount Order # E - 65017 White.
Price: $16.00 $12.00
Dolphin Dream Catcher Warmer
This warmer has Dolphins around the silver cylinder that the light sets in. There is a Blue cylinder that is inside the silver one making it look like water. It has a Dream Catcher like with Dolphins in it hanging from the top. (We have 1 Left order # OA 539
Price: $16.00 $12.00
Champagne Bubble Effect Plug In (NEW)
When lit it looks like there are Champagne bubbles in the glass!! Order # E 783
Price: $15.00
Silver with Large Swirl Plug In (NEW)
Silver with Frosted Clear Cylinder inside. Also has Dimmer. PL 81420
Price: $15.00
Shell Shape Geometric Plug In (NEW)
Geometric Design are different shells. It is a Plug In has dimmer for Scent & Light control. PL 81874
Price: $15.00
(Touch) Silver Plug In Flower & Butterfly (NEW)
Our first (Touch) Plug In has an outter cylinder of Silver, and the inner cylinder is of a color Glass. Order # W 151 Purple.. (Purple is out of Stock at this time)
Price: $15.00
Touch Silver Plug In:
Small Leaf Gold Plug In
This beautiful Plug In comes in Gold, and Silver / Black. All of our lights come with Dimmers to control light and Scent. $15.00 ea. Order # EB 042 Gold
Price: $15.00
Small Leaf Gold Plug In:
Glass Butterfly & Flowers (NEW)
Glass Plug In with dimmer has Flowers & Butterfly all around it!! Teal in color!! Order # E 779
Price: $15.00
Pearl Shell Plug In
Looks like the Mother of Pearl Shell also has a dimmer so it can be used as a Night Light. It is about 5" in high. Order # E 730
Price: $15.00
Red / Green Plad Plug In
Red / Green Plad Plug In is about 5" tall with dimmer. Order # SP 0003
Price: $15.00 $10.00
Cut Clear Glass Plug In
Clear Cut Glass Plug In wih Dimmer to control Light and Scent. Is about 5" tall. Order # E 713
Price: $15.00
Round Rod Iron Plug In
This is a beautiful Plug In, and can be used any place in your house. It is a Night Light with dish for your scented wax to make your house smell very good. These come with dimmers to control the light, & Mirror base. Order # E - 752
Price: $15.00 $10.00
Frosted Rod Iron Plug In
If you like country then you will like this Rod Iron Night Light with dimmer $15.00 ea. Order # E - 720
Price: $15.00 $10.00
Purple Flower Plug In
This plug In has purple flowers all around also has dimmer on the base. $15.00 ea. Order # OP - 888
Price: $15.00 $10.00
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